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I finally met with Dr. Tom. I usually see Dr. Mike. Both are wonderful, very knowledgeable and truly concerned for the patients well being.

- Greg Gates

I cannot speak highly enough about this place!

I've had the same chiropractor for most of my life until I moved to Naperville and needed to find a new one. This was a huge decision for me and I thoroughly researched my options in the Chicagoland area before stumbling upon these guys. I read some of the greatest reviews on their practice and immediately submitted an online request for an appointment. Within 10 minutes, Dr. Tom called me to set one up for later that same week.

Upon my initial exam and discussion over what needed to be addressed, he started me on treatment. I received the ultrasound treatment, acupuncture and a full-body adjustment. We then discussed pricing packages, which appealed to me, since I definitely needed some time to heal! I opted for the treatment package and met with him twice/week for 3 weeks.

He listened to my concerns with sincerity and genuine concern, and treated my problems according to his medical advice as well as my own personal preferences. He also took the time to show me multiple stretches and exercises to hep keep things in place, limber up my joints, and strengthen muscles to prevent further damage and future predicaments.

They have two locations [as listed], and conveniently provide many genuine herbs and supplements for further healthcare. They also provide orthotics, uniquely fitted to your own foot form.

I never met Dr. Mike, but I can only assume he's on the same superior level as Dr. Tom, and I urge you to see either one of them for any and all of your chiropractic care.


This is a younger practice, which means: Lots of personalized attention, longer appointment times, easy to schedule in ASAP, relatively younger doctors, mostly newer equipment.

I find choosing a chiropractor to be a big decision; Dr. Thomas Kinsella at SPARC chiropractic is the third chiropractic doctor I've visited! (Previous doctors were in Oregon and Tennessee... but new state = new doctor!) When I first pulled up, I thought: OMG, this is a sports medicine guy and I'm an out-of-shape, overweight, queer chick who just moved here and I might be totally in the wrong place.

WRONG! That was just fear talking. :)

Relative to other chiropractors, here's what I'd say:
Dr. Tom has a lovely bedside manner. He's young and earnest, but he has never flinched at any random medical comment I've thrown his way. He's professional, and kind, and genuinely wants his patients to improve their quality of life and that comes through during his manual manipulations. He explains everything - including the course of treatment, timelines, and your responsibilities in follow-up work -- with great patience. He has never balked at a question, been dismissive, or evasive. That kind of presence is worth gold in his industry!

He has offered me additional services - massage, acupuncture, insoles for my shoes, personal training sessions, but there has not been any sales pressure to take advantage of these. (I happened to have taken on massage, acupuncture, and the insoles (GAME CHANGER, FOLKS)... but mostly I was delighted to find out it would be covered by my insurance and so easy to schedule! )

I had great results working with Dr. Tom. We got my pain level to 0 and started refocusing on strengthening my body when my travel schedule with work picked up and I stopped going to regular appointments. But I can't wait to go back! I've been dreaming of a treatment.


Was easy to schedule and get in when I woke up in pain one day last week. I felt well taken care of by Dr. Mike, who even called me that night to check on me. Real impressed with both doctors, will definitely be back again!


First and foremost, let me say that I do not normally post reviews on yelp, but the service I received from Dr. Thomas Kinsella aka Dr. Tom was exceptional, and led me to write this review.
I work in a warehouse, and my job responsibilities require me to do a lot of heavy-lifting while bending, squatting, turning and reaching. Overtime, my back began to develop knots, and my shoulders experienced a limited range of motion. After my first appointment with Dr. Tom, I immediately noticed an improvement in my back and shoulders. Dr. Tom is approachable, fair, knowledgeable, and simply wants to see you get better! I would strongly recommend setting an appointment with Dr. Tom if you are experiencing any sort of physical ailment due to a repetitive motion.


It was a Saturday around 3 PM when I could no longer look straight, my neck was strained and i was stuck looking down and to the left. I called SPARC Chiropractic and Dr. Mike answered the phone. He let me know that the office was actually not opened, that he was there taking down some Holiday decorations. As I was about to hang up the phone, he told me to come in and that he could tell I was in a lot of pain. He opened up the office and let me come through. Dr. Mike was such a wonderful person to see during my time of so much pain. He gave me a card to e-mail him and let him know how I was doing later that night. I had unfortunately lost the card, but none-the-less, he ended up calling me the next day to make sure that I was doing alright.


A few visits later, and some accupuncture, I feel so much better. I had never expected to find a Chiropractic place that actually called me on a closed business day just to check in and make sure I was doing alright. I had never expected the business to open up on a saturday for me just because I sounded like I was in a lot of pain over the phone. I would highly reccommend this office to anyone who appreciates good bedside manner, and a very educated office that walks you through every step of the process. I dropped into Sparc while visiting home for a couple of days to have acupuncture treatment. My boyfriend had an adjustment on his hip as well. We were very happy with the treatment we received and the staff was so attentive to our needs and very professional. I have seen other Chiropractors where I feel rushed out without any true explanation of what the problem is Dr. Mike and Dr. Tom really take the time to make you feel at ease with what the process is and how to correct it.

I would highly recommend anyone who is looking for a Chiropractic to try out Sparc Chiropractic.

-Ashley P.

After having moved to the area and putting signifcant strain on my lower neck into my back, I decided to find a chiropractor. After reading all of the reviews on here, I decided to give S.P.A.R.C. Chiropractic a chance. I can now say that not only am a more than happy with my choice to go here, but I look forward to my appointments.

Over the past several of weeks, my pain is very minimal if even present. Dr. Tom has utilized both basic chiropractic skills and acupuncture to treat my pain. Before starting treatment at every appointment, Dr. Tom takes the time to ask you how things are going, as well as inform you as to what his impressions are after working on you. I feel very involved in my treatment and would recommend anyone to this office.

Both Dr. Tom and Dr. Mike are truly genuine people and very professional. I wish more doctors spent as much time with you as these guys.

-Courtney A.

I started going to Dr. Tom to hopefully relieve some of my knee pain. Within a month, Dr. Tom used a variety of techniques so I would be prepared for my first half-marathon. I was able to run the half-marathon without any of my usual knee pain. It was also above and beyond for Dr. Tom to check-in on how the race went the next day (wasn't there for an appointment). They make you feel comfortable and that you can ask them any questions. Dr. Tom never rushes you out like most doctors and gives at
home suggestions which I really appreciate.

-Rachel K.

I was looking for a new chiropractor closer to home and I found S.P.A.R.C. on yelp. I decided to give them a shot and I must say every positive review written stands true!

I’m being treated for TMJ therapy and I have already seen results after 3 visits! I work at a dental office with a TMJ specialist and he is also referring our patients to S.P.A.R.C after seeing the effect the therapy has had on me. Every concern and/or pain was addressed, they are able to accommodate my hectic work schedule, and they understand that finances may be an issue but their number one concern is helping their patients feel better. I’m not treated like another “number” here.

I wish I was able to come 5 days a week!


Dr Mike and Dr Tom are outstanding and really care about getting you back to 100%. They offer services from massage therapy, movement screens, to strength building weak areas.


I had some issues with my hips and right shoulder and after treatment have seen big gains in my crossfit workouts. If you are an athlete or in front of a computer I highly recommend.Dr Tom & Dr Mike are wonderful chiropractors who are ever expanding their owning learning to teach their clients more about human physiology. Exercise, good nutrition, and natural supplements (to answer certain needs) are consistently encouraged for whole life wellness, but they accept each person who walks in the door just as they are right now. There are no hard sells to purchase the supplements they carry and offer them for convenience. They also frequently offer educational classes for their clients, typically free of charge to assist you in knowing as much as you can to live a healthy and well balanced. They also offer massage and Dr Mike is generous with his time and WILL get those knots out. Truly a caring doctor, and a very knowledgeable about how to help you with massage. They are always super friendly, helpful and genuinely concerned about each and every patient that walks through the door. They have seen me in some rough times and have never failed to improve my experience at their office, to make me more comfortable and cared for. They bring sunshine to the office every day and it is a pleasure to see them on each visit. For these reasons and MANY more I cannot even imagine being taken care of any better than I am treated at SPARC Chiropractic.

-Mike A.

After going to SPARC I feel amazing. My body is aligned and has significantly increased all aspects of my life. Thanks SPARC!

-Ryan A.

I visited SPARC Chiropractic for a sport injury. I was impressed by the expertise and professionalism of both Doctors. Dr. Tom created a well layout treatment plan and the progress is definitely noticeable! I would recommend Dr. Tom or Dr. Mike to anyone.

-Arianne B.

Dr. Mike and Dr. Tom really helped me with all my back and neck pain making me feel a world better. They really know how to give personalized treatment everytime which I have been unable to find at any other Chiropractors office. Unlike most doctors offices, that don’t care to spend time explaining what is wrong with you and try to rush you out the door, they took the time to educate me on what was happening with my neck and back and things I can do at home to help myself. They are always super friendly and create a positive environment that makes me keep coming back (plus they give amazing massages).

-Marie G.

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